Bar consulting

Do you have the feeling that your bar isn't running as smoothly as it could be? Does your staff need to be trained to have a better understanding of service or of the art of cocktails? We're happy to lend a helping hand.

Raise the bar

Flairventure Bar Consultancy can help take your bar to the next level. Get a fresh perspective for your venue, and give your team a boost of energy and motivation.

We can help you pinpoint problem areas and put together a tailor-made plan to get you back on track. We offer solutions in staff training, organizational techniques and administration systems. Sometimes a few small changes including up-skilling staff and re-designing a cocktail menu can improve morale and have a knock-on effect.

Bar Consultancy Toolbox

  • Location Assessment, Report and Proposal
  • Bartender skills, accuracy, efficiency
  • Product knowledge
  • Mise en place - bar set up
  • Free pouring techniques
  • Drink making techniques
  • Customer interaction techniques
  • Drink and cocktail menu development
  • Inventory management

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